How To Set Up Additional TeamCity Build Agents

by Oliver 17. April 2019 09:00

This step-by-step guide is based on TeamCity Professional 2018.2.4 (build 61678). 1. On your TeamCity server, open the web UI and click: Administration Install Build Agents Windows Installer 2. Run the installer 3. Choose a folder on the disk to extract to I chose C:\BuildAgent3. 4. ... [More]

.NET Developer Days 2017: Adding History to CRUD – Dino Esposito

by Oliver 29. November 2017 09:00

What's the problem with CRUD? Every time you update an existing table record, you automatically lose track of the state it had before. Possible solution using SQL Server 2016+ From the Microsoft Docs [emphasis mine]: SQL Server 2016 introduced support for system-versioned temporal tables as a data... [More]

.NET Developer Days 2017: Async/Await and the Task Parallel Library – by Daniel Marbach

by Oliver 28. November 2017 10:58

Disclaimer: This is just a bunch of short notes I took during a conference session held by Daniel Marbach at the .NET Developer Days. To dive deeper into the topic, please head over to the following GitHub repo, run the examples, and examine the source code: [More]

GIT: Download a Patch of a Commit from GitHub

by Oliver 15. November 2017 09:00

We are building our branch portal software discoverize on top of the mature Orchard CMS and incorporate important changes from the Orchard sources into our own software. Today, I wanted to add the CacheManagerExtensions class to discoverize to take advantage of some optimizations to the cache popula... [More]

.NET Developer Days 2017: Performance That Pays Off – by Szymon Kulec @Scooletz

by Oliver 8. November 2017 09:00

This is a digitalized version of my session notes from the conference. Key Questions How fast is it? How fast could it be? How fast should it be? Always measure your gains – which implies you need to measure your current performance. Allocations Cost – Sometimes A Lot Here's an example from Hyper... [More]

.NET Developer Days 2017: Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

by Oliver 31. October 2017 09:00

What are PWAs or Progressive Web Apps? According to Jeff Burtoft (@github) they are: A development approach using a set of technologies that allows web content to deliver app-like experiences, including offline functionality, notifications, and device access. What's special about PWAs? They are pr... [More]

.NET Developer Days 2017: Microservices Everywhere

by Oliver 27. October 2017 09:00

"Microservices" was the buzzword during the conference with over half of the talks mentioning them and a few diving quite deep into the topic, e.g. Michele Leroux Bustamante with her session "Surviving Microservices". Here's a pretty diagram of what to imagine when hearing "microservices": [Diagram... [More]

.NET Developer Days 2017: The Performance Investigator's Field Guide – by Sasha Goldshtein

by Oliver 26. October 2017 10:00

Although the choice of the best session was not easy, it has to be awarded to Sasha Goldstein with his session on performance detective work. His session was very well prepared, had a clear goal and path, was packed with insights into challenges and problems during performance investigation work, an... [More]

.NET Developer Days 2017: Summary + Brain Dump

by Oliver 25. October 2017 10:37

A colleague of mine and I attended the .NET Developer Days conference this year. It was my third time participating; he was there for the first time. Here are links to the complete agenda and the pre-con workshops. My personal conference schedule Wednesday, October 18th Programming ASP.NET MVC C... [More]

Shades Of Orange – by The End

by Oliver 20. October 2017 07:00

I've just stumbled upon this record: Shades Of Orange by The End. Here's the music, thanks to YouTube: An enjoyable piece, actually :-) And here a higher resolution image of the disc, copyright Ok, let's all get back to work now ;-)

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