How to Retrieve Your Google Search Console Data via API

by Oliver 8. September 2017 00:04

To set up API access to a site's Search Console, we first need to set up and configure a project in the Google Developer Console. Afterwards, we will connect that project to the Search Console to retrieve data from there using our own application. In the Google Developer Console Set up a project in... [More]

Configure TeamCity to Support Compilation of C# 6 Code using MSBuild

by Oliver 7. September 2017 00:13

For quite a long time, our team chose not to mess with our working TeamCity configurations, which compile, build, test, and deploy our code several times a day. Two weeks ago, we finally upgraded our last and at the same time biggest project discoverize to work with Visual Studio 2017. This allowed ... [More]

My First Own Git Alias: Fast Forward Some Branch To Its Origin's (aka Remote's) HEAD

by Oliver 25. April 2017 10:34

Git aliases are a great way to save you some valuable keystrokes but also to stop remembering verbose syntax to do simple things. One of these things I regularly do is fast-forwarding a local branch to the last commit of its remote tracking branch. There are – of course – several viable solutions to... [More]

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Microsoft Edge Does Not Load Pages From a Location Header URL with non-ASCII Characters

by Oliver 7. February 2017 02:19

For much too long, this bug annoyed Camping.Info users with Microsoft's Edge browser. Encoding problem with non-ASCII urls When redirecting the browser to a URL such asösterreich/tirol/camping-sölden-19387 via the Location header, Edge would request this URL from our server... [More]

Iframe Content Does Not Load When Iframe URL Matches URL of Parent Document – in IE and FF

by Oliver 29. September 2016 20:00

It's been a few years already, that on Camping.Info we decided to load the detail page (aka product page) of a campsite into an iframe that lies on top of the search page. This decision has three reasons that still hold true today: Opening the new content on top of the search page – which hosts a G... [More]

Trimming Whitespace From Text Inputs In ASP.NET WebForms – The Easy Way

by Oliver 22. September 2016 01:02

When I validate forms, I usually don't want the user to allow to enter only whitespace in any of the text fields that I deem required. With a handful of them, checking for that condition can be annoying. Let me introduce you to… TrimTextBox! To centralize the concern to trim padding whitespace from ... [More]

Using Static Methods from the .NET Framework in MSBuild – a List of All Property Functions

by Oliver 9. June 2016 20:20

In the MSBuild deployment script for our discoverize portals we use a number of useful functions from the .NET framework, e.g.: $([System.IO.File]::Exists($file)) $([System.IO.Path]::GetFileName($(Destination))) $([System.IO.Directory]::GetDirectories("$(Folder)")) $([System.DateTime]::Now.ToStr... [More]

How to Install a Let's Encrypt TLS Certificate Into IIS on Windows

by Oliver 2. June 2016 09:00

We're slowly getting ready to present our youngest child, lemon, to the open public. In the process we moved the tracking app itself from to Our currently installed TLS certificate covers only the domains and www.lemontimetracke... [More]

Run Web Application Deployment in TeamCity – Only on Weekdays

by Oliver 26. May 2016 22:12

We've experienced in the past that deploying new features before the weekend is not a good idea because potential bugs are not discovered in a timely manner and our reaction times to critical problems are also longer over the weekend than during the week. So for a couple of years now, we've stuck t... [More]

What's New In Ionic 2

by Oliver 23. May 2016 09:43

As of today, 20 May 2016, Ionic 2… is still in Beta status, the last update being beta 6 on 25 April 2016 sports the Ionic View app which allows to rapidly publish new versions of your Ionic or even Cordova app to Android and iOS devices [blog post here, 6 April 2016] is not yet supported as targ... [More]

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