IRIs and URIs; or: Internet Explorer does not decode encoded non-ASCII characters in its address bar

by Oliver 24. October 2013 23:03

Some facts about IE and its address bar IE can display non-ASCII characters in the address bar if you put them there by hand or click a link that contains such in unencoded form, e.g.ürther-wassersportclub. IE sends a request for the correctly encoded URL, which is htt... [More]

JavaScript Coding Dojo bei ALT.NET Berlin

by Anton 9. October 2013 11:41

I haven’t been to a coding dojo for quite some time. Since I have deficiencies in JavaScript, this sounded like fun. The event was again held at Hotelplan CC Services, and Mike Bild was the one who showed us the ropes. He gave us an introduction to node.js, which is a packaged compilation of Google... [More]

Using Unit Tests to Satisfy SpecFlow Scenarios

by Anton 2. October 2013 15:16

Ususally we spec out features using SpecFlow. Then we write out the step definitions and code the feature (or vice versa). When we programmed the “export entries” feature for the portal management area of discoverize, we did so using TDD (test driven development) with unit tests. Since it is an MVC ... [More]

Deleting a Table from Orchard's SQL CE Database

by Oliver 21. September 2013 11:08

In day-to-day development on discoverize, our Orchard based custom portal software, I use CompactView to look into my local instance's SQL CE database file if that's what I need to do. Dropping a Table from my Orchard.sdf Database Today, I was experimenting with some migrations code and needed to ... [More]

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SQL CE | Orchard

What's Wrong With Our Specification By Example Tests

by Oliver 25. July 2013 11:44

We've been working on our customizable portal software discoverize for about two years now using Orchard CMS. From the beginning we were convinced to use Specification By Example to build up a live documentation of the functionality of our software. This has been very important to us since we plan t... [More]

Firebug and Fiddler

by Anton 28. June 2013 01:19

In the past weeks I have worked quite a bit with JavaScript. I encountered that not all eventtracking scripts for Google Analytics have been executed. I guessed it could have something todo with registering startup scripts within an update panel. And I delved into this topic, looking for solutions o... [More]

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Impressions from Orchard Harvest 2013

by Anton 25. June 2013 15:23

As you already know from reading older blog posts, Oliver and I attended the European Orchard Harvest in Amsterdam two weeks ago. In short – it was worth the trip and the time. Probably we will attend the next Orchard conference in Europe. Learning We learned quite a few things at the conference. ... [More]

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Setting up NGINX as Reverse Proxy for Camping.Info

by Oliver 24. June 2013 23:08

worker_processes 1; # Thanks to for helping me find out how many processor cores our VPS is using. Fixing the painful "24: Too many open files" error in NGI... [More]

Git – How to quickly fast-forward a local branch to the HEAD of its remote tracking branch

by Oliver 19. June 2013 11:39

The scenario I'm facing quite regularly during development is that I want to change to a different feature branch that really someone else is working on to do some maintenance or the like. I know that I can just fast-forward my local branch to the current HEAD of the corresponding remote branch, but... [More]

Deploying with recipes in Orchard

by Anton 18. June 2013 16:53

One feature, which we haven’t look into extensively are recipes combined with the import and export functionalities in Orchard. At the Orchard Harvest event Sipke gave a long talk about module development in Orchard, also touching the subject of recipes. Right now we use already use a recipe running... [More]

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