Setting up NGINX as Reverse Proxy for Camping.Info

by Oliver 24. June 2013 23:08

worker_processes 1; # Thanks to for helping me find out how many processor cores our VPS is using. Fixing the painful "24: Too many open files" error in NGI... [More]

Git – How to quickly fast-forward a local branch to the HEAD of its remote tracking branch

by Oliver 19. June 2013 11:39

The scenario I'm facing quite regularly during development is that I want to change to a different feature branch that really someone else is working on to do some maintenance or the like. I know that I can just fast-forward my local branch to the current HEAD of the corresponding remote branch, but... [More]

Deploying with recipes in Orchard

by Anton 18. June 2013 16:53

One feature, which we haven’t look into extensively are recipes combined with the import and export functionalities in Orchard. At the Orchard Harvest event Sipke gave a long talk about module development in Orchard, also touching the subject of recipes. Right now we use already use a recipe running... [More]

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Performance Tuning within Orchard

by Anton 17. June 2013 15:51

After hearing a little about how to go about increasing the performance of sites build upon Orchard at the Orchard Harvest, I did a quick search in the documentation. Two interesting pages came up: Optimizing Performance with a bunch of differen tips Caching with different types of cache ... [More]

Optimize Images for Your Website

by Oliver 17. June 2013 13:59

This is just a short post to draw your attention to a sweet tool I've just discovered: PNGGauntlet. It runs on Windows using the .NET 4 framework and is as easy to use as you could possibly wish. Also: it's completely free to use. Convert Your Existing PNGs For starters, we'll just convert some ex... [More]

Localization in Orchard

by Anton 17. June 2013 12:48

Our portal software is not yet localized. Our default is German, since our primary target users come from german-speaking countries. But as with Camping.Info our aim is to provide each portal site with translations into many languages. A year ago I already tested the possiblity of localization in ... [More]

Orchard Harvest: Shapes Session

by Oliver 14. June 2013 18:09

These are session notes, so they might not adhere to the standards of a complete blog post, but there's a bunch of inspiring info that I had to get out of my head… Shapes – Overview What are they dynamic data model can be updated at runtime replaces static(ally typed) v... [More]

Orchard Harvest: Responsive Design

by Oliver 13. June 2013 15:30

These are just quick notes from one of the sessions at the Orchard Harvest conference currently taking place in Amsterdam. Fluid Grids bootstrap-responsive SimpleGrid 1140Grid FooTable hides columns, shows content in expandible elements Fluid Fonts Fi... [More]

Sample SMTP Session with Auth Login

by Oliver 13. June 2013 15:27

This post is most of all a log drop of an SMTP session I had with our mail server over telnet. We use hMailServer for all of our own and hosted e-mail accounts. Today, I set up a new account to use for our SQL servers to report any problems. I couldn't get SQL Server's DatabaseMail to successfully ... [More]

ASP.NET MVC Razor View: The code block is missing a closing "}" character

by Oliver 13. June 2013 15:17

Some part of MVC 4 didn't like what was in my view: 1: @using Orchard.ContentManagement; 2: @using Orchard.Users.Models; 3: @{ 4: var userCanRegister = 5: @WorkContext.CurrentSite.As<RegistrationSettingsPart>().UsersCanReg... [More]

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