Performance Tuning within Orchard

by Anton 17. June 2013 15:51

After hearing a little about how to go about increasing the performance of sites build upon Orchard at the Orchard Harvest, I did a quick search in the documentation. Two interesting pages came up: Optimizing Performance with a bunch of differen tips Caching with different types of cache ... [More]

Optimize Images for Your Website

by Oliver 17. June 2013 13:59

This is just a short post to draw your attention to a sweet tool I've just discovered: PNGGauntlet. It runs on Windows using the .NET 4 framework and is as easy to use as you could possibly wish. Also: it's completely free to use. Convert Your Existing PNGs For starters, we'll just convert some ex... [More]

Localization in Orchard

by Anton 17. June 2013 12:48

Our portal software is not yet localized. Our default is German, since our primary target users come from german-speaking countries. But as with Camping.Info our aim is to provide each portal site with translations into many languages. A year ago I already tested the possiblity of localization in ... [More]

Orchard Harvest: Shapes Session

by Oliver 14. June 2013 18:09

These are session notes, so they might not adhere to the standards of a complete blog post, but there's a bunch of inspiring info that I had to get out of my head… Shapes – Overview What are they dynamic data model can be updated at runtime replaces static(ally typed) v... [More]

Orchard Harvest: Responsive Design

by Oliver 13. June 2013 15:30

These are just quick notes from one of the sessions at the Orchard Harvest conference currently taking place in Amsterdam. Fluid Grids bootstrap-responsive SimpleGrid 1140Grid FooTable hides columns, shows content in expandible elements Fluid Fonts Fi... [More]

Sample SMTP Session with Auth Login

by Oliver 13. June 2013 15:27

This post is most of all a log drop of an SMTP session I had with our mail server over telnet. We use hMailServer for all of our own and hosted e-mail accounts. Today, I set up a new account to use for our SQL servers to report any problems. I couldn't get SQL Server's DatabaseMail to successfully ... [More]

ASP.NET MVC Razor View: The code block is missing a closing "}" character

by Oliver 13. June 2013 15:17

Some part of MVC 4 didn't like what was in my view: 1: @using Orchard.ContentManagement; 2: @using Orchard.Users.Models; 3: @{ 4: var userCanRegister = 5: @WorkContext.CurrentSite.As<RegistrationSettingsPart>().UsersCanReg... [More]

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SpecFlow Step Definition with Optional Parameter

by Oliver 13. May 2013 11:41

Today, this question came up on the SpecFlow Google Group: Assuming I would like to define in Gherkin the following: 1. When I send some argument xxx with parameter aaa and another parameter bbb 2. When I send some argument xxx with parameter aaa And I would like to have only one reusab... [More]

Revoke Access to Applications using Google OpenID

by Oliver 9. May 2013 12:20

During automatic frontend testing, some of our tests recently broke, which were trying to connect a Google account to our new TeamReview application using OpenID. Those tests used to make sure that on Google's confirmation page the checkbox to remember my choice was unchecked. I'd like to show a scr... [More]

Sport frei – Spartakiade 2013

by Anton 25. March 2013 15:56

Letzten Samstag fand in Berlin-Kreuzberg die zweite Spartakiade statt. Es kamen etwa 50 Interessierte zusammen, die an den Workshops teilnehmen wollten. Domain-Driven Design (DDD) Da der Architekturworkshop erst am Nachmittag anfing, schaute ich am Vormittag in DDD rein. Es dauerte eine Weile bis ... [More]

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