URL Rewriting and Routing in Orchard CMS / ASP.NET MVC

by Oliver 28. August 2012 23:41

Working on Marinas.info, we want to create SEO friendly links to specific searches that will hopefully rank high up in the search engines. They should look something like www.marinas.info/germany for marinas situated in Germany or www.marinas.info/wífi for marinas that provide wifi internet access. ... [More]

Invalid Orchard Gallery URL

by Oliver 24. August 2012 21:29

In older installations of Orchard it’s possible that the URL for the Gallery feed is not up-to-date. The Orchard project site moved to Windows Azure at the end of 2011, and the Gallery URL changed in the process. It is now: http://packages.orchardproject.net/FeedService.svc/ To change it, go to e.... [More]

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Using Non-ASCII / Unicode URLs on Your Web Site

by Oliver 24. August 2012 16:22

We’re still working on Marinas.info and were wondering if we should change any of the behavior that we use in Camping.info. There we allow for all kinds of unicode characters, from those in Eastern European languages such as Polish to the Cyrillic letters of the Russian alphabet – but we encode them... [More]

The Long Road to Browser Based Acceptance Testing

by Oliver 22. August 2012 22:15

In my previous post on Writing Acceptance Tests for ASP.NET MVC, I described the setup that we got to work for us to execute automated acceptance tests for our application Marinas.info. This post provides some more background on the topic which problems we encountered and how we solved them. From M... [More]

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Writing Acceptance Tests for an Orchard / ASP.NET MVC Application – using SpecFlow, Coypu (Selenium) and the MvcIntegrationTestFramework

by Oliver 22. August 2012 13:48

When we started development on Marinas.info, we decided to write acceptance tests for all important features of our application. This decision was even more justified by the fact that a bunch of similar platforms are to follow using the same codebase. We wanted an application with less bugs and easi... [More]

Asynchronously posting back a form by hitting the Enter key – in ASP.NET WebForms using jQuery

by Oliver 2. August 2012 15:19

On Camping.Info, we lately had a user report that hitting the enter key while in the login form one would be redirected to the search page instead of being logged in. This happened when the focus was still on the password text box because the “Search” button on the page was the first input element o... [More]

Get all target names from an MsBuild script – with Powershell

by Oliver 31. July 2012 17:27

Developing our web application www.marinas.info using Orchard CMS, I often find myself at the command prompt to run different sets of build actions: in place compilation packaging for stage deploying to a local app instance running spec tests … Sometimes I have trouble remembe... [More]

Working with dynamic Model in MVC View

by Anton 26. July 2012 12:21

We are working with the Orchard Framework, which is itself build on top of MVC 3. We ran into some problems working with a dynamic Model and dynamic properties. Dynamic vs. Object We have search criteria in lists of sections which are being filled at runtime. using System.Collections.Gen... [More]

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Short Review: GitHub for Windows

by Anton 16. July 2012 00:12

Not long ago github released GitHub for Windows. They announced it on their blog, and during the past view weeks I tried it out. Design / Usability It sure looks good, and and you can use it intuitively. If you are not tech savvy, you will certainly like the user interface, compared to Git Extensi... [More]

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From batch string replacement to date time formatting – a list of often used web resources

by Oliver 27. June 2012 14:40

This is only the beginning… Batch String replacement: http://ss64.com/nt/syntax-replace.html Date formatting T-SQL, using CONVERT or CAST: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms187928.aspx .NET: Custom Date and Time Format Strings, Standard Date and Time Format Strings Windows... [More]

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