How To Set Up Additional TeamCity Build Agents

by Oliver 17. April 2019 09:00

This step-by-step guide is based on TeamCity Professional 2018.2.4 (build 61678).

1. On your TeamCity server, open the web UI and click:

  1. Administration
  2. Install Build Agents
  3. Windows Installer

2. Run the installer

3. Choose a folder on the disk to extract to

I chose C:\BuildAgent3.

4. Do NOT check the Windows Service checkbox

I know this sounds counter intuitive - but it will save you from losing your default Build Agent that is already running.

5. Set your Build Agent's properties

  • Set the serverUrl to the publicly accessible URL of your TeamCity instance.
  • Give a distinctive name to your new Build Agent - I like to just number them.
  • Optional: change the ownPort to something predictable. This value is used only internally.

6. Finish the installation process

7. Open .\launcher\conf\wrapper.conf, scroll to bottom

In my case, this is C:\BuildAgent3\launcher\conf\wrapper.conf.

8. Change the highlighted values to something unique

You need to change the following three values:

  • windows.ntservice.displayname
  • windows.ntservice.description

9. Install the Windows Service for your Build Agent

Open a console and navigate to the \bin directory of your Build Agent's installation folder.

Then run service.install.bat and afterwards service.start.bat:

10. Verify that your new Build Agent is running

Open services.msc and scroll down to TeamCity:

11. Check TeamCity for the new Build Agent

It takes a few minutes before the TeamCity service and the Build Agent properly connect - but they do it automatically and the result looks like this:

12. Build stuff!

Thanks for visiting - happy coding!

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