.NET Developer Days 2017: Summary + Brain Dump

by Oliver 25. October 2017 10:37

A colleague of mine and I attended the .NET Developer Days conference this year. It was my third time participating; he was there for the first time.

Here are links to the complete agenda and the pre-con workshops.

My personal conference schedule

Wednesday, October 18th

Programming ASP.NET MVC Core (abstract) Dino Esposito @github

Thursday, October 19th

Surviving Microservices (abstract) Michele Leroux Bustamante – Opening Keynote
Build Web Apps the “Progressive” Way (300) (abstract) Jeff Burtoft @github
Async/Await and the Task Parallel Library: await headexplosion (400) (abstract) Daniel Marbach @github
Setting up a CI/CD pipeline for a Containerized Project in VSTS (200) (abstract) Maciej Misztal – Sponsor Session
Adding History to CRUD (400) (abstract) Dino Esposito
Software Architecture That Every Developer Should Know (300) (abstract) Alon Fliess
Building for the Future without Abandoning the Past (200) (abstract) Jeff Burtoft

Friday, October 20th

Performance that pays off (300) (abstract) Szymon Kulec @github
The Performance Investigator’s Field Guide (300) (abstract) Sasha Goldshtein
Building Evolutionary Architectures (300) (abstract) Neal Ford
Securing .NET applications in Azure (300) (abstract)

Sebastian Solnica – Sponsor Session

How I Built An Open-Source Debugger (300) (abstract) Sasha Goldshtein
Stories Every Developer Should Know (abstract)

Neal Ford – Closing Keynote

Random notes about the conference

Predominant Topic

Microservices are everywhere – this is my take on it

Best Session

The Performance Investigator's Field Guide – here I've shared my impressions


Inter Bankiet delivered fantastic food and drinks, including lots of good coffee and sandwiches

Event Venue

EXPO XXI, Warsaw – a good place for the conference, a few walking minutes from Warszawa Zachodnia


The 2017 edition of the .NET Developer Days was a success. I still have to process my notes and all the input I've gathered there. I will update my personal conference schedule with links to my own digest posts of the sessions where it makes sense.

If you want to attend the 2018 edition, you will be able to catch a super early bird ticket from the beginning of December!

Happy conferencing!

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