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by Anton 17. May 2012 13:50

I just started to really learn about MVC. We purchased the TekPub production After watching the first episode, I would like to summarize the tools, which Rob Conery uses for development.

Rob starts by mentioning the project management software he uses:  unfuddle and Agile Zen. We mostly use the Kanban Board in Target Process – discussions and meta-thoughts go into Google Docs. We both use git as version control. Rob uses Dropbox as a remote repository – we use github.

Since it is a .NET MVC application he wants to build, Rob of course uses Visual Studio, which we also use. His framework of choice for IoC is ninject – we use autofac. As do we, Rob creates a separate Test-Project for unit testing. We also have a spec project for our specflow scenarios, since we try implementing BDD.

Rob propagates the use of codified build scripts, for instance via Albacore. We use msbuild, which we customize to our needs.

From the very beginning Rob integrates a logger, namely nlogger. Up to now we use elmah to log the errors of our running application.

Also Rob installs glimpse via nuget to better see what his code is actually doing.

We will probably try some of Robs tools out in the near future.

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