dotnetpro 10/2010 – some notes on useful links and further reading

by Oliver 19. January 2011 18:15

Parallel Programming in C#

  1. Free eBook:
  2. The Task class: use like
       1: Task.Factory
       2:     .StartNew(() => {
       3:         var result = new MyCustomObject();
       4:         // do something and return something
       5:         return result;
       6:     })
       7:     .ContinueWith(res => {
       8:         // res is of type MyCustomObject here
       9:         res.DoSomethingElse();
      10:     });
       1: var someInput = ...
       2: var task = new Task(() => MyAction(input));
       3: // Changes to someInput will still be reflected within MyAction()!
       4: task.Start();
       5: Assert.That(myTask.Result.GetType(),       /* waits for execution of task */
       6:             Is.EqualTo(typeof(double)));   /* returns true */

NHibernate 3.0.0

  1. Lazy Loading of columns
  2. HQL Language Service for Visual Studio – an Add-In for syntax highlighting of NH HQL query code
  3. Type safe querying using the Criteria API – makes the LambdaExtensions obsolete

FastSharp 2.0

Quickly execute pieces of C# code from inside a text editor:

HTML5 Canvas

easier to use JavaScript API: canto.js


Live Templates: code generation beyond Visual Studio

Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 Application Development

Application Quality Cookbook 1.8:

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