ASP.NET WebForms Application Event Life Cycle

by Oliver 8. October 2012 23:56

For a long time, I kept looking at the possible application events here: It’s been a valuable resource many times, but today I wanted to figure out in which order events are fired. The post actually contains an ordered list but at least for ASP.NET 4 it seems to be a bit incorrect. Here is what I came up with using a small HttpModule and a really simple page to log the events. I’ve also marked inside which event handlers you can access Session state:

BeginRequest: Session null

AuthenticateRequest: Session null

PostAuthenticateRequest: Session null

AuthorizeRequest: Session null

PostAuthorizeRequest: Session null

ResolveRequestCache: Session null

PostResolveRequestCache: Session null

MapRequestHandler: Session null

PostMapRequestHandler: Session null

AcquireRequestState: Session not null

PostAcquireRequestState: Session not null

PreRequestHandlerExecute: Session not null

PostRequestHandlerExecute: Session not null

ReleaseRequestState: Session null

PostReleaseRequestState: Session null

UpdateRequestCache: Session null

PostUpdateRequestCache: Session null

LogRequest: Session null

PostLogRequest: Session null

EndRequest: Session null

PreSendRequestContent: Session null

PreSendRequestHeaders: Session null


Happy eventing!

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