Interesting Introduction to SignalR

by Anton 11. November 2014 20:10

Two weeks ago Robin Sedlaczek held an introductory presentation to SignalR at the ALT.NET group in Berlin.

The Framework has a pretty simple setup. After talking a little about the specifics, Robin showed us how to program a simple console application with clients and server, where both can push data to each other, and call functions. If you do not want to delve into specifics, the SignalR framework has a powerful API. It uses different techniques to connect server and client – it chooses the best available, for instance WebSockets.

One simple application where SignalR is useful is a chat. Robin also showed us a real-time collaboration tool (similar to Google drawings in docs). Of course I thought about our new (yet unreleased) time tracking application. It may be feasible to use SignalR if we want to update the clients often. That is not a scenario yet, but could be, if we want to show data from others users.

It was a nice experience to once again attend a meeting at the ALT.NET User Group Berlin group.

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