Update (or Delete) an entry from appSettings in web.config using MSBuild and the XmlUpdate task

by Oliver 11. May 2016 12:24

How do I modify an entry in the appSettings node during deployment? We use a custom MSBuild script to deploy our discoverize portals and wanted to set a portal dependent key, namely NewRelic.AppName. So how did we do it? We use the XmlUpdate task from the MSBuild Community Tasks project. Here's the... [More]

Anatomy Of a URI

by Oliver 18. December 2015 13:40

I keep wondering what's behind the properties of the .NET URI class. So here, once and for all, by courtesy of LINQPad4, a breakdown of the different properties and values of a URI: Happy coding!

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How To Reject Requests With Too Long Urls In NGINX (HTTP 414)

by Oliver 26. November 2015 12:28

There are lots of posts out there on the topic of fixing the Request-URI Too Large error in NGINX, but this post is about how to generate such a response in order to avoid proxying requests with too long urls to a backend server. The Problem We recently had some really long request URLs coming thr... [More]

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Improving Web Site Performance On Camping.Info

by Oliver 17. November 2015 23:11

We've recently been doing some optimization work on Camping.info to improve user experience through faster web site load times. This post goes into the details of the optimization steps and their effect on the site's performance. Measure, Improve, Measure again To be confident that the changes we... [More]

How to Quickly Set Up a Private WebPageTest Server And Client

by Oliver 14. November 2015 21:40

Get your own WebPageTest server and test agent up and running in minutes, not hours! Motivation The original documentation can be found here and here. Unfortunately, it's a bit vague in some parts, especially if you don't set up infrastructural pieces and cloud server instances on a daily basis. S... [More]

How to Convert an XSLX File to CSV with UTF-8 Encoding Using LibreOffice / OpenOffice

by Oliver 13. November 2015 21:54

Thanks to this stackoverflow answer I stumbled upon the comment by Aryeh Leib Taurog who shared his solution and a link to the OpenOffice documentation on the available options for the CSV filter. Here's how to convert the file input.xlsx to the UTF-8 encoded file input.csv in the current directory... [More]

Page Load Performance – Avoid Blocking Requests on External Domains

by Oliver 6. November 2015 21:32

This week we started to look into the page load performance at Camping.Info as well as our discoverize portals. After some initial testing and measuring, we came up with a list of action that should all speed up the user perceived page load times. The Problem Today we'll take a look at this one re... [More]

Stop Propagation of Google Maps Marker Click Event – a Solution!

by Oliver 18. September 2015 18:55

Here's a simple scenario using Google Maps Javascript API v3 that until today I could not get to work properly: Open a custom map popup window after clicking on a map marker, and close it when clicking anywhere on the map or the rest of the surrounding page. The code I tried to open the map o... [More]

Move-Restore – A Little jQuery Plugin to Help Make Your Existing HTML More Mobile-Friendly

by Oliver 27. June 2015 12:46

In the process of making Camping.Info more mobile-friendly, I've needed to move around pieces of HTML in the DOM time and again. At last, I've come up with two little helper functions that I wrapped into a little jQuery plugin that I want to share in this post. When To Use Move-Restore The DOM tre... [More]

Poor Performance of an ASP.NET Application on New Hardware

by Oliver 25. April 2015 22:16

Two days ago I finally did it: I asked a question on serverfault.com looking for advice on why our brand new server performs more poorly than our two older servers. All the hardware details speak in favor of the new server: CPU: Core i7-4770 @ 3.4 GHz vs. Xeon E3-1230 @ 3.2 GHz RAM: 32 GB... [More]

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